Does Your Child Have a Language, Reading or Learning Problem?

Does your child have:

Good phonological awareness skills?

Basic language skills that are the building blocks for learning to read?

The connection between oral and written language?

The skills to be a fluent communicator and reader?

The FastForWord programs are based on thirty years of scientifically based research into the ways the brain learns, and the language skills that foster a strong foundation for reading and learning. These programs evolved from the work of neuroscience researchers Dr. Michael Merzanish and Bill Jenkinds, from the University of California, San Francisco Medical Center, and Dr. Paula Tallal and Steven Miller at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.

The FastForWord family of programs is a computer based training system that helps children, adults of all ages, and different learning abilities rapidly improve their language, reading and learning skills. The FastForWord family products refer to the FastForWord Basics, Language, Language to Reading and Reading for Middle and High School Students. While each program shares a common underlining scientific basis, the curriculum and outcomes from each product are distinctly different. Using this technology in an intensive, adaptive software product, the scientists found that children can develop a wide range of critical language skills which include: phonological awareness, phonemic awareness, reading fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding, working memory, syntax, grammar and listening accuracy.

The FastForWord programs involve an initial evaluation and extensive computerized training sessions which last one hour and forty-five minutes daily for five days a week. These training sessions last on a average four to six weeks. The interactive computer game programs are uniquely adaptive and automatically adjust to the child’s level of competence. The child must be compliant and stay focused on the computer for a minimum of a twenty minute segment for the FastForWord Language Program and a ten to thirty minute segment for the FastForWord Language to Reading Program. For the FastForWord Middle and High School program the student must be compliant for a ninety minute segment session. Only certified FastForWord Practitioners will be able to administer the FastForWord trainings. These trainings can be home based or at a licensed location. The Scientific Learning Corporation has reported that on an average, children who have completed the FastForWord program have made measurable gains (1-2 years in just 4-6 weeks).

The Scientifically Based Research behind the FastForWord programs is consistent with the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 P.L. 107-110(H.R.L.), Title 1, Part B, Subpart 1-Reading First. Section 1208 defines that Scientifically Based Reading Research is research that applies to rigorous, systematic, and objective procedures to obtain valid knowledge relevant to reading development, reading instruction and reading difficulties.

When you consider the impact a language and reading problem may have on a person’s social, emotional and educational status the answer becomes obvious.