How do I know if my child needs speech therapy? 
To assist you further with symptoms for early identification and detection of a speech-language problem the following are some of the conditions to look for in your child:
  • My child has abnormal feeding and swallowing problems

  • My child gestures to communicate

  • My child does not play with other children

  • My child has trouble following directions

  • My child does not talk yet

  • My child’s speech is not clear; he/she has unintelligible speech patterns

  • My child has trouble expressing his/her ideas and asking or answering questions

  • My child stutters, has hesitations and sound repetitions

  • My child’s speech and language is different from that of his/her peers

Are you one of many parents who falsely believe “My child will grow out of this”? 

When you consider the possible impact a speech and language problem may have on a person’s social, emotional and educational status, the answer becomes obvious. 
The quality of our life is affected by the adequacy of our speech.

If you answered Yes to any of the above questions,
Your child may benefit from Speech Therapy

About Us

Gail Del Grosso M.S.CCC-SLP has received four American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Awards for Continuing Education. She has served as President of the Sussex County Speech-Language-Hearing Association. In addition, she is a regular contributor to the Country Kids Magazine and is a distinguished speaker and specialist in Myofunctional Therapy and Fast ForWord programs.

Our Mission

The mission of Tri State Speech Center LLC is to use the best individualized method of treatment for our clients affected by speech and language disorders. We offer quality service while fostering good communication with our parent education training programs. Specialized individual home programs with excellent outcomes and high parental and client satisfaction is our number 1 goal!


"Gail is very knowledgeable and helpful in so many areas. She relates well to the children and they enjoy learning from her."

- Ann McKenna (Parent)